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Preface  - Ms. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, Former President of Iceland  

Introduction - Olafur Arnalds and Steve Archer

Thadis W. Box - Future deserts and sustainable communities

Rodney Gallacher - Participatory planning processes       

Nicholas J. Yassaglou and C. Kosmas - Desertification in the Mediterranean Europe. A case in Greece

Giuseppe Pulina, M. d’Angelo, and Giuseppe Enne - Agropastoralism and fires in the Mediterranean

Osvaldo A. Fernández and Carlos A. Busso - Arid and semi-arid rangelands: two thirds of Argentina  

Michael B.K. Darkoh - Desertification in Botswana

Tamirie Hawando - Desertification in Ethiopian highlands

Jia Jiong - Rangeland degradation in Ordos Plateau, its nature and assessment

Liu Xinmin and Zhao Xyue-yong - Transformation of desertified land in the Grazing-farming interlaced belt of Northern China           .

Wang Changyao and Wang Quan - Human dimension of land degradation in Yulin area, China

Zambyn Batjargal - Desertification in Mongolia     

Rajiv K. Sinha, Sonu Bhatia, and Ritu Vishnoi - Desertification control and rangeland management in the Thar desert of India

Kevin F. O’Connor, Alan H. Nordmeyer, and Kristín Svavarsdóttir - Changes in biomass and soil nutrient pools of tall tussock grasslands in New Zealand

Halldor Thorgeirsson - Conclusions from the Workshop on Rangeland Desertification;

Iceland 1997