Wild and Cultivated Lupins from the Tropics to the Poles

19 - 24 June 2002, Laugarvatn, Iceland



January 7, 2005

The proceedings of the conference have finally come out and are in distribution, most participants should have received their copies.

Editors: E. van Santen and G.D.Hill.

Wild and Cultivated Lupins from the Tropics to the Poles. Proceedings of the 10th International Lupin Conference, Laugarvatn, Iceland, 19-24 June 2002.


International Lupin Association, P.O.Box 84, Lincoln, University, Cantebury, New Zealand. ISBN 0-86476-153-8 (ISBN 0-86476-123-6). Printed in the USA.

The proceedings are XVI + 382 pages, and contain 101 scientific papers on lupin research presented at the conference, in the fields of Breeding and Genetics (25), Agronomy (22), Ecology (13), Plant Protection (10), Physiology (11), Animal Nutrition (13) and Human Nutrition (7).

The proceedings are distributed by the Editor in Chief:

Edzard van Santen
Dept. of Agronomy and Soils
202 Funchess Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849-5412

Email: evsanten@acesag.auburn.edu

You should contact him if you are interested in buying a copy or have not received the one you are entitled to.


With regards,

Borgthor Magnusson, chairman of the organizing committee - (borgthor@ni.is)

April 16, 2004

Proceedings are coming out!! Editing of the Proceedings from the 10th International Lupin Conference has been completed by the editors Edzard van Santen and George D. Hill. The Proceedings will be printed in the USA and sent to all participants of the conference in May/June 2004. For further information contact: mailto:borgthor@ni.is

Group photo of participants of the 10th International Lupin Conference, Laugarvatn, Iceland, June 2002.

June 6th, 2002

We hope that your preparations for the conference are going well.  If you have questions in the last days before you leave for Iceland, don’t hesitate to contact us ( r.stef@iii.is or borgthor@ni.is ).

We are still getting new registrations.  There will be about 100 active participants  (85 foreign) at the conference + 15 accompanying persons, from 22 countries.  We have had to do small changes in the program, as a few of oral presentations were withdrawn.  The program has been updated on this webpage.

The summer in Iceland has arrived with mild weather during the last two weeks.  The lupins are starting  to bloom and should look very nice when you arrive.  If you are interested in the weather in Iceland you can e.g. check the following homepage of the Icelandic Meteorological Office: http://www.vedur.is/english/index_eng.html? and look under Weather services.

Some of you will probably find the weather in Iceland in June rather cool (12 – 18 C) so be prepared for it.  There is always the possibility of rain.  For the field trip in particular you will need to have raingear at hand and good walking boots.

We want to remind you that there is a good indoor swimming pool at Laugarvatn with nice warm tubs to relax in.  Also that there is an old well-known sauna built on top of a hot spring right on the shore of the lake in the village.  Both are within a 5 min walk from the hotel.  So remember to bring your swimming suit.

You are probably all aware of that there is 24 hours daylight in Iceland in June.

We look very much forward to meeting you all in Iceland in two weeks time.  May your travel to Iceland go well.

May 13th, 2002





Workshops on the following topics will be organized:


Workshop 1: Anthracnose revisited (chaired by: Joao Neves-Martins)

Workshop 2: Lupin products, uses and users (chaired by: Tom Acamovic)

Workshop 3: Molecular breeding (chaired by: Peter Caligari)

Workshop 4: Nitrogen fixation (chaired by Janet I. Sprent)

The aim of the workshops is to bring together participants in the conference that have a special interest in the topics, identify areas of common interest and discuss challenges that research in the field can address. The contents for discussion will not be laid down beforehand. It is the role of the chairman to facilitate the discussion in the group. The first task should be to identify areas of common interest that the participants want to elaborate on. It is then up to the participants to develop the discussion further. It is important that the chairman tries to activate as many as possible in the discussions. Participants are encouraged to prepare themselves beforehand and have topics ready that they would like to bring into the discussion. This can be done by a very short presentation of research questions and/or results (2-4 min., with overheads).

The outcome of the workshop will be presented at the Round Table at the end of the conference. This will either be done by the chairman of the workshop or a secretary appointed by the participants at the beginning of the workshop session.

Summary Round Table

A Round Table discussion will take place at the end of the conference. The aim is to summarize the contents of the conference by highlighting important, novel and interesting points that emerged from the presentations (oral/posters) and discussions in the different sessions and take a forward look in the field of lupin research. Each session in the programme will be represented by one participant:

The following people have been approached to lead the SRT:

Chairman:  Erik von Baer

Session 1: Ecology, land rehabilitation, plant introductions: Roger del Moral

Session 2: Plant protection:        Joao Neves-Martins

Session 3: N-fixation and roots:   Janet Sprent

Session 4: Genetics and breeding:          Peter Caligari

Session 5: Biochemistry and physiology:  Craig Atkins

Session 6: Agronomy:    George Hill

Session 7: Animal and human nutrition:               Tom Acamovic

The chairman will introduce the Round Table discussion. Then participants will summarize the outcome of their respective sessions, including the workshops. For this they will be allowed 5-10 min. Finally the floor will be open for questions and comments from all conference guests.

May 2nd, 2002

To those submitting manuscripts to the Proceedings

Edzard van Santen, the editor in chief, has extended the May 1st deadline to May 20th, 2002.

The manuscripts should be sent on email directly to the editor:

  Edzard van Santen evsanten@acesag.auburn.edu


We have now updated the programme page on the web site!


Titles of papers offered for the conference kept  coming in to us right to the beginning of January.  In total 175 titles have been accepted, 28 as oral (including invited speakers) and 147 as posters.  We have been in contact with around 140 individuals of 26 nationalities sofar.  By the end of March we should know approximately what the turnout for the conference will be.   

We want to remind you that the deadline for registration and submission of abstracts is March 15, 2002.

 We have had a couple of requests from people for financial assistance to attend the conference.  Unfortunately we can not offer any aid as our budget is low.  We therefore advise people to check all possibilities of local or international funding.

The invited speakers, Roger del Moral and Andrea Pickart from the USA, Eli Fremstad from Noway, and Janet I. Sprent and Keith R. Skene from the U.K., have all accepted our invitation which we are very pleased with.

We are now updating the homepage and will be providing more detailed information about the conference and Iceland in general.  

 If you have questions or comments, please contact us, either at : Iceland Incentives Inc. (Conference office), email: lupin@iii.is  or Borgthor Magnusson, chair of organizing committee, email: borgthor@ni.is