The International Lupin Association 

The International Lupin Association (ILA) was established formally, with the approval of its constitution, at the 2nd International Lupin Conference that was held in Torremolinos, Spain in May 1982. The constitution was amended at the 8th meeting held in the United States in 1996.

The meeting at Torremolinos followed the 1st International Lupin Workshop, which was held in Lima and Cuzo, Peru in April 1980 due to the efforts of Dr Erik von Baer of Chile (the current president of ILA) and Dr Rainer Gross of GTZ, Germany who was at that time working in Peru.

The constitution of ILA called for a Board and a Secretary General. The initial Secretary General was Professor Luis Lopez Bellido from Cordoba in Spain.

Membership of the ILA Board has usually been multinational and has represented a range of scientific interest in the biology, growing and utilisation of lupins. Any financial member of ILA is eligible to stand for election to the Board of ILA at the ILA General Assembly, which is held at each International Conference. Besides the publication of the Proceedings of the various conferences, a major function of ILA is to obtain the agreement of host countries to hold the International meetings of the Association.

Since the meetings in Lima and in Torremolinos, conferences have been held in a number of lupin growing countries and have also tended to move between the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

In 1984 the meeting was in La Rochelle, France; in 1986 it was in Geraldton, Western Australia; in 1988 in Poznan, Poland; in 1990 in Temuco-Pucon, Chile, in 1993 in Evora, Portugal; in 1996, Asilomar, Ca, in the United States, and in 1999 in Klink-Muritz in Germany. There are national lupin associations in Chile, Germany, North America and in Poland, and these are all affiliated to ILA.

The association awards fellowships from time to time to those who have made an outstanding contribution to the growth and utilisation of lupins. The current Fellows of the Association are Dr. John Gladstones of Western Australia, Anna Christine Jordan of Germany and Professor Luis Lopez Bellido of Spain.

The association receives no subsidy from any source and is entirely dependent on the subscriptions of its members and the voluntary labour of the Board and is Editors for its continued existence.