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Note that there are numerous publications that have been published in Icelandic that are not cited here, unless they have an extended English summary. The Icelandic Soil Conservation Service (Landgræðsla ríkisins) publishes semi-annually reports which contain a wealth of information related to soil erosion and conservation in Iceland.

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olasoil.jpg (14001 bytes) Soil Erosion in Iceland.

By Olafur Arnalds, Elin Fjola Þorarinsdottir, Sigmar Metusalemsson, Asgeir Jonsson, Einar Gretarsson, and Arnor Arnason.

This book is a translation of the book Jarðvegsrof á Íslandi that was originally published in Icelandic in 1997. The book gives the results of a project that aimed to map soil erosion in all of Iceland.

A special classification of soils was used and an erosion severity scale. The book contains numerous color photographs of Icelandic landscapes and erosion features.  If you wish to order, please send order to   .The price is £10 or $17 + shipping

A soilmap of Iceland

Publication on Desertification

The Andosols website. (

The Agricultural Research Institute hosts the official home page of the EU-COST action 622: Volcanic soil resources of Europe.  The website has an extensive bibliography on Andosols, soils of volcanic regions.



Environmental Research Institute, Reykjavík, Iceland -


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