Soil Resources of European Volcanic Systems

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GERMANY MEETING 25-28 april. 2002

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Earth Sciences Division, MS 90-1116            Tel:  (510) 495-222
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory            Fax: (510) 486-7070
Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA, 94720, USA  

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D.- Energy and Resources, University of California at Berkeley,  1994
M.S.- Energy and Resources, University of California at Berkeley, 1990
B.S.- Conservation and Resource Studies, Highest Honors, University of California, Berkeley, 1984

Research Positions

Scientist,  Center for Isotope Geochemistry, Lawrence Berkeley Nat’l Laboratory, 1998-present

Program Head, Climate Variability and Carbon Management Program, Earth Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2001

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow,  Stanford University, 1997-1998

Earth System Science Post-Doctoral Fellow,  U.C. Irvine and Stanford University 1994-1997

Environmental Scientist,  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory   1985-1986


Torn, M.S.,  Lapenis, A.G., Timofeev, A. Fischer, M., Babikov, I., Harden, J. Organic Carbon and Carbon Isotopes in Modern and 100-Year-Old Soil Archives of the Russian Steppe. In press, Global Change Biology.

Rillig, M.C.,  S.F. Wright, K.A. Nichols, W.F. Schmidt, and M.S. Torn.  Large contribution of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to soil carbon pools in tropical forest soils.  Plant and Soil, 233(2): 167-177.

Torn, M.S.  and J. Southon.   A New 13C Correction for Radiocarbon Samples from Elevated-CO2 Experiments.  Radiocarbon, In press.

Trumbore, S.E. and M.S. Torn. Soils and the global carbon cycle.  In:  Soils and Global Change, E.A. Holland, ed.  NATO Advanced Study Institute.  In Press. 

Lapenis, A.G., M.S.Torn, J.W. Harden, K.Hollocker, B.V. Babikov, A.I. Timofeev, M.I. Hornberger,  R. Nattis. 2000.  Scientists Unearth Clues to Soil Contamination by Comparing Old and New Soil Samples   EOS 81(7): 55-57.

Saleska, S.R., J. Harte, and M.S. Torn.  1999. The effect of experimental ecosystem warming on CO2 fluxes in  a montane meadow.  Global Change Biology  5:125-141.

Torn, M.S., S.E. Trumbore, O.A. Chadwick, P.M. Vitousek, and D.M. Hendricks. 1997. Mineral control over soil carbon storage and turnover.   Nature 389:170-173.

Chapin III, F.S., M.S. Torn and M. Tateno. 1996.  Principles of ecosystem sustainability. American Naturalist 148(6): 1016-1037.

Torn, M.S. and J. Harte. 1996.  Methane consumption by montane soils: implications for positive and negative feedback with climatic change. Biogeochemistry 32: 53-67.

Harte, J., M.S. Torn, F. Chang, B. Feifarek, A. Kinzig,  M.R. Shaw, and K. Shen.  1995.  Results from a global warming experiment: Soil temperature and moisture responses in a subalpine meadow ecosystem.  Ecological Applications 5(1): 132-150.

Jensen, D.B., M.S. Torn, and J. Harte. 1993.  In Our Own Hands: A Strategy for Conserving California's Biological Diversity, University of California Press, Los Angeles. 290 pp.

Torn, M.S. and F.S. Chapin III. 1993. Environmental and biotic controls over methane flux from arctic tundra.  Chemosphere  26 (1-4): 357-368.

Torn, M.S. and J.S. Fried. 1992. Predicting the impact of global warming on wildfire. Climatic Change  21: 257-274. 

Harte, J., M.S. Torn, and D.B. Jensen. 1992.  The nature and consequences of indirect linkages between climate change and biological diversity.  In: Global Warming and Biological Diversity, R.L. Peters and T.E. Lovejoy, eds.  Yale University Press, New Haven.   pp. 325-343.

Fried, J.S. and M.S. Torn. 1990. Analyzing localized climate impacts with the Changed Climate Fire Modeling System.  Natural Resource Modeling 4(2):  229-253. 


DOE Office of Biological and Environmental Research, 2000-2003
DOE Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration,  2000-2003
DOE Atmospheric Radiation Measurement ,  2000-2002
Laboratory Director Long-Term Development,  LBNL  1999-2001
DOE Terrestrial Carbon Program, 1999-2000
National Science Foundation, 1996-1998
University-wide Energy Research Group Grant, 1990
California Policy Seminar Grant, 1987-1989
Climatic Change Effects Research Program Grant, US EPA, 1988


Earth System Science Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 1994-1997; 
NASA Global Change Doctoral Fellowship, 1991-94
Switzer Environmental Fellowship, 1990-92
Graduate Opportunity Fellowship, U.C. Berkeley, 1986-87
Selected Professional Activities 

Publication Reviewer   Atmospheric Environment, Biogeochemistry,  Chemosphere, Climatic Change, Geoderma, Global Biogeochemical Cycles,  Global Change Biology, Limnology and Oceanography, Soil Science Society of America Journal, Global Change Biology, US EPA and US  DOE.

Grant Review Panels  National Institute for Global Environmental Change, Western Region (WESTGEC);  U.S. Department of Energy, Program for Ecosystem Research (PER).

Co-organizer, National Science Foundation workshop on bringing geosciences and ecology together under NSF Support,  Madison, WI, 2001.   (White Paper: Linking Ecological Biology and Geoscience:  Report to the National Science Foundation, August 2001)

Co-author, DOE Water Cycle Dynamics and Prediction Program plan, 2001

Co-author  DOE Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Facilities  white paper, 2000.

Invited participant and co-author NSF workshop on the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle (White Paper title: The changing carbon cycle: A terrestrial focus), June 2000.

Invited Panelist   California Energy Commission Workshop  on Climate Change Science, June 1999.

Participant  DOE Carbon Sequestration Road-map workshops, 1998.

Co-author, Agricultural and grassland ecosystems, appendix to “Working paper on  carbon sequestration science and technology,” Office of Science and Office of Fossil  Energy, DOE 1999

Interviewer Switzer Environmental Fellowship, 1996, 1998



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